The Malconsiglio Castle and the conspiracy of the barons

The Malconsiglio Castle is one of the most famous manors in Southern Italy and takes its name from an episode that took place on 1 October 1481. Belonging to the Sanseverino family, the Malconsiglio Castle in Miglionico (Matera) stands on top of a cliff from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the Bradano valley. Its name derives from the conspiracy organized within it, against Ferdinand I of Aragon, King of Naples, by the barons of the kingdom: all ended with the bloody massacre of the barons in the great hall on the first floor. Today the castle appears to the tourists, with its shape of a parallelogram flanked by seven square or circular towers. It is built on two levels, with a gallery that dates back to a restructuring commissioned by the Revertera in 1600. The most original part is the Sala Della Stella also named Sala Degli Spiriti, whose niches carved into the walls guarded the treasures of its inhabitants: jewels, documents, valuable books and coins. The local assumed this particular denomination to scare off any bad guys. In the antechamber of this hall was consummated, the “ius primae noctis,” a feudal privilege which consisted in making every bride spend the first night following the wedding with the baron.

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