Cupramontana Fuoriporta

More than 100,000 rarities kept in the Etruscan Museum

Historical, artistic, geographical. These are the sections that animate the International Museum of Cupramontana Wine Lab (Ancona), housed on the first floor of the eighteenth-century Leoni Palace, around the town walls. Opened in 1987, it is a unique international space gathering over 100,000 labels of wine bottles from all over the world, sorted by thematic routes. Among the peculiarities are the series with animals, with cars, with heraldic coats of arms and all that dedicated to Verdicchio, the pearl of excellence in the territory. The contemporary section has over sixty thousand labels, exhibited by geographical origin and by themes; the historical one, refers instead to labels dating to the period between “Otto and Novecento”; the artistic one finally collects over four hundred works performed by artists of clear fame. Every year, the museum is displaying two events: the “Golden Label” award, to be awarded to participating companies for the best label in its usual use, and “Vinimmagine”, which is a graphic review of ideas and proposals for a label. In addition, the teaching lab “Advertising Born” is active.

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