Castelli Sabina_Fuoriporta

From Savelli to the Orsini, among the castles of the Sabina

Let’s discover the castles of the beautiful Sabina area between the provinces of Rome and Rieti! Famous today for its uncontaminated nature and the production of one of the most renowned olive oil in Italy, but a theater of critical historical events witnessed precisely by these fortresses.

A path that can only start from the slopes of the Lucretili Mountains and, in particular, from the Savelli Castle which represents the pride of Palombara Sabina. It is difficult, however, to remain indifferent to his large halls, the frescoes of the school of Raphael and the ancient Greek statues. Worth a visit: the Archaeological Museum, which houses a beautiful statue of Zeus dating back to the 1st century BC, the hanging garden and “il soccorso,” a long tunnel with 37 loopholes once used by crossbowmen to pass from the tower to the fortress without being seen.

Not far from Palombara, it is possible to admire one of the most considerable examples of Lombard “castrum.” The ruins of Castiglione, which dominate from a panoramic position a valley characterized by dense terraced olive trees. And always a few kilometers away here is the abandoned town of Stazzano Vecchio, known as one of the “ghost towns” of Lazio, with its Orsini Castle. Continuing in the direction of Farfa, a few kilometers from the famous Abbey, it is possible to see the ruins of Roccabaldesca. The journey through the castles of the Sabina can only end in Nerola and its perfectly preserved Romanesque-medieval castle: defended by a wide moat and four large corner towers. Inside you can admire the vast halls and you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding valley.

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