Pieve Santa Maria Assunta, jewel of Montefeltro

The Pieve Santa Maria Assunta, jewel of Montefeltro

It is the oldest religious monument of San Leo and the entire territory of Montefeltro. It is the Pieve of Santa Maria Assunta, a sort of huge stone stacked on a rock, anchored forever at the rock that supports it and is composed of it. The building – which is the material evidence of the Christianization of this area of Rimini’s hinterland – is in fact a rocky protuberance of the Leontonian bush so that, both east and west, there is room for two underlying places the aisles: the crypt or confessional and the so-called “San Leone Sacle“; here is the face of a sarcophagus, with the mystical representation of two peacocks that are drinking: together with the relief paved in the south wall of the church, this work constructs the oldest sculptural testimony of the building. The church is elevated on a basilic plant; It is accessed through two portals located in the side walls, both with a sixth full arch, while the interior, longitudinally implanted, is marked by the full center arches, set on alternate supports dividing the three aisles. The Presbytery, raised on the crypt, welcomes the beautiful ciborium dating back to 882, which is an inscription dedicated by Duke Bear to the Virgin. Even today, in fact, Pieve remains one of the most fascinating medieval monuments in central Italy: along with the adjacent Duomo and the Bell Tower creates the effect of a small field of Pisan miracles.

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