Lunigiana river

The Lands of Lunigiana and its torrents

A generous nature that has provided these lands of numerous watercourses. It is the Lunigiana, a splendid territory between Tuscany and Liguria,takes its name from the ancient Roman town of Luni, which stood at the mouth of the River Magra.

And just following the course of its streams – all ending in the Magra – you can find some of its finest glimpses. This is the case of Gordana, which originates from Monte Tecchione at 1582 meters high and runs in the municipalities of Zeri and Pontremoli before entering the Magra after fifteen kilometers of racing: at the top of its course you can admire suggestive jumps of water and waterfalls, while near Walnut of Zeri you can hike a few hundred meters along the ghetto.

The Green Stream, however, is born from Mount Poggio dei Due Santi at 1392 meters above sea level and is another tributary of the Magra: the valley of the Green is one of the most beautiful pontoons; climbing the creek towards Guinadi and Cervara you can admire striking views such as the artificial waterfall near a marble cippo at the beginning of the valley’s climb, another small waterfall towards Cervara and Farfara’s waterfall over Lake Verde.

The Caprio was born 1831 meters from Mount Orsaroz: along its course there are numerous places of interest such as the Sigillina fortress near an ancient mill and a suggestive water pond of many meters deep in Cavallana. The Bagnone stream is finally born from Mount Sillara at 1861 meters. In its waters it is possible to fish with the fly from the source to Villafranca in Lunigiana where the torrent is thrown from the left into the river Magra; during winter months it is possible to practice the kayak, despite some important waterfalls and jumps, in the area of Iera and just before the village of Bagnone.

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