Cupramontana Fuoriporta

The Hymn of the White Friars, a thousand years of stories and legends

A magical place with a backdrop of at least 1000 years of history. It is the Hermitage of the White Friars of Cupramontana (Ancona), founded in the 11th century by San Romualdo, which is one of the most important religious establishment of the origins of Christianity in the Marches and in Europe. Here, hermits first and friars then lived in caves dug into the still visible tuff. Over the years, this site has been a source of inspiration for writers and poets, such as Luigi Bartolini, C.Corradi and Bon Bonci, and hosted a large number of prominent personalities in the hermitic street, including the Blessed Giovanni Maris, Matteo Sabbatini, Blessed Paolo Giustiniani, Ludovico and Raffaele Tenaglia, Blessed Antonio da Recanati, Blessed Girolamo da Sessa (Pope Leo X), Giustiniano from Bergamo and other hermits in the smell of holiness. The Hermitage that can be admired today is the result of a long renovation that began in 2000, focusing not only on the edifice, but also on the protected forest, which surrounds the monastery in a warm hug: as soon as you reach the garden in front of the monastery , after having traveled about a kilometer on a small ancient road, delimited by the crow’s ditch in a frame of centuries-old trees, you really have the impression of being in “another world” in an absolute silence interrupted only by the noises of nature surrounding. The refurbishment of the advanced central part came to an end, and the advanced part of the long wing and the part corresponding to the ground floor were completed. The ancient caves have been made use of, with a wonderful restoration of the frescoes, and the cloister has also been brought back to the ancient splendor.

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