Chiesa della Collegiata di Revello

The Collegiate and the Marchionale Chapel, Revello reveals his treasures

At the foot of Mount Bracco and Monviso, in the heart of the Po Valley, the town of Revello is guarding beautiful treasures such as the Collegiate, begun in 1402 and finished with Ludovico II around the end of the 15th century, and the Marchionale Chapel, on the first floor of the Castle of the Marquis of Saluzzo which is today the seat of the Town Hall.

Declared with the papal bull of Sisto IV in 1483, the Collegiate stands at the end of the street that crosses the village and where the hill starts. The gothic Lombard interior, is composed of three aisles and here you can admire works of great artistic value such as the Baptismal Font of the Family of Zabreri (1498), the Polyptych of the Epiphany of Hans Clemer (1503) and the Polyptych of Madonna of Cherries, made in the early ‘500.

Also the prestigious nineteenth-century Altar Maggiore (1850), the sixteenth-century fresco depicting the noble Rupert D’Amareuil gathered in prayer to the Madonna and Jesus and the pulpit, a work of craftsmen working around the middle of the 17th century – at the Abbey of Staffarda. Already the favorite home of Margherita di Foix, wife of Ludovico II, the Marchionale Chapel is a little gem to discover, which was decorated in 1519 precisely on marchesa’s request.

On its side walls are painted the lives of the saintly protectors of the Marquis, on one side Santa Margherita and on the other St. Louis of France, above are portrayed the Evangelists and the Doctors of the Church, while the Marchional family appears with several characters in the lunettes apse. The facade, however, is embellished by a painting of the Last Supper, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece.

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