Pompeii Fuoriporta

Pompeii, a jump back in time

A journey of about six hours between the wonders of ancient Pompeii, during which you can immerse yourself fully in the atmosphere of this timeless place and enjoy the beauties of the surrounding landscape.

Accessing the excavations from the entrance to Porta Marina or Piazza Amfiteatro, the route develops around “via dell’Abbondanza”. Through this long road you will be able to admire the Amphitheater, which which contained nearly 20,000 viewers- a place full of history ideally joining the 80 B.C., the year of its construction, in 1971, when Pink Floyd recorded here a concert that would pass to the history of rock. And, the Garden of the Fugitives, who keeps the casts of some victims who tried in vain to save themselves from the fury of Vesuvius.

At the end of the road that runs along the Amphitheater, the walk meets Abundance Street where the Teatro Grande and the Teatro Piccolo are still connected today: if the first plays were on stage the plays of Terenzio and Plauto, the second was mainly used for musical performances. Continuing on Abundance Street, here we are at the Forum, the heart of the ancient city where political debates were organized and which housed businesses and public buildings; It is no coincidence that some of the most wonderful monuments of Pompeii are concentrated in the vicinity of the Forum: the Basilica, the Temple of Jupiter, the Public Liturgy, the Macellum and the Vespasian Temple.

Here, too, there are still the first meeting houses of history, the so-called “Lupanare” of Roman memory, which can be visited with a small deviation on the right; a detour, however, is worth doing because, going to via degli Agustali you can reach Casa del Fauno and the House of the ancient hunting. The wonders of Pompeii never end: those who want to continue this wonderful tour will be able to discover the Necropolis, the Garden House of Hercules, the Stabai Baths, the Augusta Fort Temple, the Dioscuri House, the House of Sallust and the Villa of Mysteries.