From Pandino to Pizzighettone, the fortified citadels of the Cremonese

The lands of Cremona closed between the Duchy of Milan and Venice, have been for many centuries zones of war between opposing factions including Visconti and Sforza against the Serenissima, Spaniards against French, French against Austrians. And so there are many fortified citadels that, even today, tell stories to discover. One of these is the case of the castle Visconteo of Pandino, built as a hunting lodge by Bernabò Visconti in 1355 and characterized by imposing defensive towers, which contains beautiful medieval decorations almost wholly preserved. In Pizzighettone, defended by a fortified wall perfectly intact and 2 km long, it is possible to discover a real “city of War”: The volunteers of the walls, every Saturday and Sunday, lead to the discovery of the wall circle that now preserves a museum. Finally, don’t miss Soncino, Cittadella Murata, dominated by the Rocca Sforzesca of 1473. The wall circle hides a medieval village among the most beautiful in Italy. Strolling through its alleys, you can visit churches Rich in works of art and the Museum of the press with its collections of vintage machinery.

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