verde a Cervaro

Santa Maria Maggiore, the oldest church in Cervaro

This is the oldest and most important religious monument of Cervaro, a lovely country in the province of Frosinone. The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, with its sober lines, is a true historic monument of architecture and culture. Not only nowadays, but also in its long past, it has always been the “matrix church” of the country, as it is stated in a 12th century stone still visible under a stone stoup: “hecest sola matrix Cervarii”, is written “this is the only (church) matrix of Cervaro”.

The building stands where the ancient Pesculum is located on the eastern side, at the medieval ruins of the Borgo and Castello, from where they leave via Trocchio, Via Municipio, via Sobborgo and Via XXIV Maggio. The whole church factory incorporates upstream with other buildings, which were part of the complex of the ancient castle. The front facade is lined with squared stones on the face, to the line of vault, with a pedestal decorated with stucco; the portal is quadrangular, surmounted by an important composite stone cornice.

Inside, the church welcomes elegant stucco decorations and fake quadrangular columns; the dome is located at the main altar and houses bas-reliefs depicting the four cardinal virtues: Prudence, Justice, Fortress, Temperance. It also houses an artistic wooden Crucifix of the sixteenth century. The polychrome marble altar, baroque, did not, fortunately, have any demolition after the reform of Vatican II, which sanctioned the essence of the altar. Other valuable items are the choir, with pretty carvings on old wood and the pulpit.

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