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Among the Italian lakes, Fuoriporta’s summer continues

“Land of castles, lakes and wines”: no better idea could be made to synthesize Appiano on the Wine Road, a small jewel of the province of Bolzano, just two steps from the Monticolo (small and large) lakes, among coniferous woods hardwoods. A country immersed in uncontaminated nature, within one of the most beautiful landscapes of Trentino-Alto Adige, with almost 200 castles and fortresses and a vast vineyard area, the largest of the whole region. It is therefore compulsory for those who come here to accompany the classic dishes of the local tradition with a good glass of wine, to choose from among the more than 25 wineries scattered throughout the territory; and maybe, besides the narrow streets of the old town, you can also visit the hamlet of Saint Paul with the splendid Church of the Conversion.

Hinge between three regions – Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige – Garda is the largest Italian lake, and certainly among the most impressive. Here, overlooking the Veronese shore, stands Torri del Benaco, which is undoubtedly one of the most interesting towns on the eastern coast. A true paradise, thanks to modern facilities and immersed in the greenery, for lovers of sailing, water skiing, motonautics, fishing and even horse riding. But not only: the ancient village reserves surprises also to lovers of history and culture, if you think that the first settlements of man in the area date up to 2,000 BC! A distant past that is still witnessed by graffiti that are well visible on stone slabs honed by glacial retreat. It is worth a visit to the XIVth Century Scaligero Castle, and the Ethnographic Museum hosted by it, in addition to the Clock Tower and a series of religious architectures of great impact: the Church of San Marco, that of the Holy Trinity at Porto and that dedicated to St. Gregory.

Moving further south and precisely on the west bank of Trasimeno, we are in Castiglione del Lago, immersed in a unique naturalistic setting and with a lovely old town all within the medieval walls. From the three gates of access to the village you can visit the Ducal Palace and the Fortezza, in addition to the church of Santa Maria Maddalena and the ancient Palazzo del Popolo, but of great visual impact is also the panoramic path under the outer walls along the Poggio olived. The village in the province of Perugia, which also offers visitors the opportunity to try out all the water sports, tennis courts and horseback riding, trekking and mountain biking along the cycle path that runs along the lake, is also a very alive village with events that animate the summer (Trasimeno Blues, International Folklore Festival, Roccacinema and Trasimeno Theater) and not only from the April Tulip Festival to the Pleasure of Lake in November.

The last stop of the trip takes us to Lazio and in particular to Bolsena, in the province of Viterbo, on the shores of the homonymous lake. A center full of history with testimonies of a glorious Etruscan and Roman past, and at the same time a city of Mysteries and ancient traditions: here, in fact, originated the ritual of Corpus Christi. Inside the Chapel of the Miracle, in fact, in 1263, an oysters caused a great amount of blood to flow: miraculous evidence was brought to Orvieto and handed over to Pope Urban IV, who the following year established the Corpus Domini feast. A religious architecture with a magical charm, in short, which deserves to be visited like the Church of Santa Cristina and the Convent of Santa Maria del Giglio, while in the center of the village are the fountain of San Rocco, the sixteenth century Palazzo Caposavi and the Palazzo of the Dragon. From an enogastronomical point of view, however, Bolsena is a land of fine oils and wines but is above all the ideal place to taste the fish-based fish cuisine: from cooked-to-grill to eel and vernaccia, without forgetting the pike to the Bolshevese , fillets of fried peaches and “sbroscia”: this is the typical local fishermen soup, based on boiled water with various species of fish and enriched with potatoes, tomatoes, almonds and white wine.

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