tomba-etrusca-Citta della Pieve

The tomb of Laris, a wonderful Etruscan find of City of Pieve

In October 2015, in San Donnino, a wonderful Etruscan tomb was discovered, this is considered one of the five major archeological discoveries of the year and the winner of the prestigious international award for the discovery with the greatest consensus from the large audience launched by the Mediterranean Exchange of the Paestum Archaeological Tourism.

The underground burial, excavated in the natural soil, has a rectangular plant area of about 5 square meters, partially buried by frantic movements. It dates back to the end of the 4th century. B.C. and the beginning of the III century.

Larissa’s Tomb – as is popularly defined because of the owner’s name sculpted on the main sarcophagus – consists of a burial chamber entirely excavated in the clayey soil through which you can access by a long 12 meter corridor; Inside, two large monumental arched sarcophagi and alabaster travertine (a white stone with veins and fine weaving) and three cinerary urns on which the lids are carved out of the banquet dead, were found in the Museum Civic-Diocesan of Santa Maria dei Servi.

On one of the two sarcophagi you can see an Etruscan inscription, probably referable to the identity of the deceased. The tomb, is an extra reason to visit Città della Pieve, who already cares for the works of his most illustrious son, Pietro Vannucci called Il Perugino, in addition to the Cathedral of Santi Gervasio and Protasio, the Rocca and Palazzo della Corgna.

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