san virgilio tassullo fuoriporta

The Gothic charm of the Church of San Vigilio in Tassullo

It dates back to the end of 1400 and keeps intact its particular Gothic style. It is the church of San Vigilio di Tassullo (Trento), originally dedicated to Martyrs Anauniensi, which rises along the provincial road that leads from Cles to the hamlet of Campo. Surrounded by a stone wall that delimits the ancient cemetery, it has a vaulted facade enriched by a sixth-strong pink stone portal with décor decorations and a circular marble rosette. Three steps of steps are in the single nave entrance ending with the hexagonal presbytery. On the left wall of the presbytery it is possible to admire a painting by S.Vigilio with the coat of arms of the Thun (1495); in the central wall there is the crucifixion, while on the right wall the Madonna on the throne with the Child. The church preserved the wonderful wooden altar – now guarded by the Diocesan Museum of Trento – and in the apse is visible the gigantography of a facade: the work is dated April 5, 1520 and has the form of Gothic triptych with two porches that have various representations (S.Lorenzo, S.Maria Maddalena) and the retro symbols of the Passion and the Tabarelli coat of arms of Fatis.

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