Marzamemi Fuoriporta

Marzamemi and the lands of the two Mari to be visited by bicycle

It is one of the most fascinating places in Sicily, in the southernmost tip of the whole island, where a lovely landscape seems to accompany visitors slowly to Africa. It is Marzamemi, where around the central square the fishermen’s lodges have turned into characteristic holiday homes or renowned trattorias; Here you can admire the summer residence of the Principe di Villadorata, which, beside Tonnara, dominates much of the little piazzetta, where you can admire the lush and blue sea from the fishy peaks. A magical place that can be discovered in so many ways, even on two wheels: the Lands of the Two Marines, in fact, can be cycled throughout their reach.

The itinerary extends to the southern part of these lands, between Portopalo of Capo Passero and Porto Ulysses, with a largely flat territory: 24 km of highway, the highest point on the sea level is 37 meters. The starting point can only be the Terrace of the Two Mari, a panoramic spot in the town of Portopalo di Capo Passero. Crossing the small town of Portopalo, head first to the harbor by the harbor, then cross between the vineyards and the cultivations of the renowned cherry tomato. The second stage is on the extreme point of the territory: from here the look stops at the Insolence of the Currents: the stop takes place on the square that precedes the beach, parking area during the summer. Then continue along the longest stretch of the itinerary, which is 21 kilometers.

The coast goes up northwest through cultivated fields, vineyards and protected plants in greenhouses with thousands of cherry variety tomatoes. Afterwards, the route turns east and returns pedaling along the coast, through the village of Granelli, leaving the province of Syracuse and entering the territory of Ragusa. This is the incredible stretch of the Pantanon Longarin waters, where at several times of the year it is possible to observe the pink flamingos passing through these brackish waters. The last 3 kilometers of the route are developed along the coast, heading towards one of the most renowned destinations in the whole area, Porto Ulisse: from these cliffs you can see the Cirica Faraglioni to the west, close to the “Circe Dry” of so many shipwrecks of Roman and Byzantine ships.

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