In Sicily discovering the churches of Caccamo

Caccamo, one of the most beautiful villages in the province of Palermo, has some of its most prestigious jewels in the churches. We can start our tour from the Church in Santa Maria degli Angeli, with its stone portal of the central entrance dominated by a niche where you can admire a high-relief in marble of the XVI century which depicts the Virgin and Child of unknown author. The Church preserves inside a splendid Madonna and Child by Antonello Gagini, dating back to 1516 and decorations with episodes from the life of Dominican saints. In the neighborhood of Curcuraccio, in 1510, the Archbrotherhood of Saints Michael and Biagio built the homonymous Church, whose altarpiece painted on canvas depicting the Madonna of the Angels with the Child between Saints Michele and Biagio adorned the main altar. Fascinating and mysterious is the history of the Church of the Apostles Filippo and Giacomo, which rises on the edge of the stream Canalotto. The Church of ancient origins preserves inside the effigy of a miraculous wooden Crucifix highly venerated by the population: an old tradition is that the author of the work was the same as St. Luca, who carved the Crucifix directly into the trunk of a tree. The last stop of the tour is the Church of San Benedetto alla Badìa, a church dating back to eighteenth-century: It is of rectangular plan with a single nave without the dome, it has the main altar representing the chapel of a female convent for young girls of wealthy families.

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