Exhibition on man and nature at the Vajont Ecomuseum

Exhibition on man and nature at the Vajont Ecomuseum

The man and the surrounding nature have never been so close. The history of the Municipality of Erto e Casso that now is part of the Authentic Village of Italy, was marked in 1963 by the enormous tragedy of the Vajont dam. But the population of this part of the province of Pordenone has had the courage to make a new start, and the Vajont Ecomuseum represents for the visitors a unique opportunity to discover the indelible signs left by nature and men in this area.

The wood the guiding thread of the museum that guards the history of the country. Here there is the work “Voci del Bosco” of the well-known writer Mauro Corona, the audio-sound path is accessible with the sensory headphones, while the enchantment of the Ertane woods is revealed through “The magic of wood that becomes coal” an exhibition dedicated to the old coal trade.

Wood also becomes toy, cradle and soles of shoes in the exhibition dedicated to the child; or item to sell, carriage and chest of drawers on the shoulders of brave street vendors in the thematic route “Partire partirò partir bisogna…”.. Inside the Ecomuseum there are also the wooden works of all the artists who participated in the annual Erto Sculpture Symposium, which celebrates the continuity of life after the anniversary of the Vajont catastrophe.

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