Cividale del Friuli and the mysterious Natisone valleys

To melt, it was nothing less than Julius Caesar. And this particular historical event owes the name of the whole region. We are talking about Cividale del Friuli, to which the Roman Emperor gave the name of Forum Iulii: from here comes the name Friuli, which together with the Venezia Giulia gives life to one of the fascinating regions of entire Italy. In 568 A.D. Cividale became the seat of the first Lombard duchy in Italy and later, for several centuries, the residence of the Patriarchs of Aquileia. Today, after many centuries, Cividale still retains significant Lombard testimony from the Tempietto, one of the most extraordinary and mysterious high-medieval western architecture. How not to mention, then, the Devil’s Bridge, the Duomo, and the Christian Museum? This historical and artistic heritage in 2011 has been recognized by UNESCO, which placed Cividale at the beginning of the Lombard route in Italy in an itinerary that allows you to discover beautiful treasures starting from Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Behind Cividale, for those wishing to spend a few more hours in these parts, the Natisone Valleys are a mysterious land hidden among the Julian Prealps. Four narrow, still-looking, wild valleys, with streams flowing steeple between Forres, Between one valley and another, a few dozen small towns with typical stone houses and churches of the fifteenth century, but also educational nature centers. The old link with Italy has not erased the original language and culture, which are Slovenian and enrich these lands with legends and traditional festivals.

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