Tassullo Fuoriporta

Campo Tassullo and the ancient Church of Santa Lucia

Campo is one of the four villas of Tassullo (Trento) and rises on the road that connects the village to Nanno, in a place where a cemetery or a holy field was originally located, where the Villa would have received its name. Here is a visit to the church of Santa Lucia, mentioned for the first time in 1448; this suggestive place of worship seems to date back to Romanesque times, with its bell-facade facing eastwards; here you can see the entire portal in pink stone and a rococo window instead of the central rosette. The interior is a single nave, marked in two camps by the peducci placed on the side walls in support of the reticular vault that covers the environment, and ends with a small pentagonal presbytery; the central oil spin depicts Saint Lucia with the symbolism of martyrdom while the altar, carved and painted wood, has a wonderful decorated leather trim.

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